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    The mass communication is mostly controlled by the government. Till 1998, Four Myanmar newspapers and an English one, all state-owned, are published daily while some regional and international newspapers can be read within the same day. Nowadays, vareities of journals mostly in local language are weekly published. Till year 2007, two TV channels, one operated by the government and the other by the military, broadcast in the mornings and evenings. Nowadays, variety of private and joinventure Channels are broadcasting almost 24 hours a day. Satellite TV channels, which are easily accessible in every big or small hotel, provide an alternative for the non-natives too. The only radio station, Radio Myanmar, which is also run by the government, airs in Myanmar but can be tuned in for English program during specified hours till 2008. Nowadays, more than seven FM radios are broadcasting around the major cities since the government has so far allowed the private entrepreneursto participate in broadcasting industry.

    Though mobile phones are once a symbol of higher class people - it was as expensive as US$ 3000 per SIM before, nowadays, one time prepaid SIM cards could be easily bought as low as US$ 20 per card for the tourists. Myanmar use CDMA450, CDMA800, WCDMA and GSM900 network systems. International roaming is not available yet till this website is updated. Tourist could buy US$ 20 worth prepaid GSM SIM cards easily at the phone shops or on arrival at the Yangon airport. The card costs 25,000 kyat and this will give you $20 USD worth of credit. You can check you balance by dialling *124# and your balance will be given in US cents. Call costs are 30 cents a minute to make a local call, 90 cents a minute for an International call, 5 cents a minute when receiving an incoming call and 5 cents to send a SMS.

    Myanmar has more than 5,000 miles (8,000 kilometers) of inland waterways, about 17,000 miles (27,000 kilometers) of roads and about 2,500 miles (4,000 kilometers) of railroad track. The principle means of transport is road but most travelers to Myanmar rely on airlines. There are altogether six of them: one operated by the government and the other five named Yangon Airways, Air Mandalay, Air Kanbawza, Asia Wing and Air Bagan are operated by private. Good safety record and easy booking of tickets make the private airlines all the more popular. Naypyidaw (new capital), Yangon and Mandalay, each with international airport, provide gateways to Myanmar. Rail transport is mostly occupied with local travelers because of its punctual and regular service and reasonable fees. The weakness of the railway service is that the destinations are not many and tickets have to be bought days in advance. River transport is least favorite among travelers except for riverine cruises and speed boat trips. In major cities, buses provide a means of public transport while taxis are running in abundance in the capital. Although private cars jam almost all the roads of Yangon, the number of privately owned automobiles is not many considering the general population. Transportation in Myanmar is not so good as other development countries yet. But, in now, more convenient than before especially the new 4 lanes highway between Yangon and Mandalay make the trip shorter from 12 to 8 hours. Air transport is more convenient for short time trip. If you have plenty of time you want to visit by different types of way, you might enjoy to use by train (railway). High way bus is cheaper than train and cost around US$ 12 per seat for Yangon-Mandalay where as the train cost US$ 55 per sleeper.

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