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    There are three types of Myanmar Visa called EVT (FIT) and EVT (Package) Visa. We encourage you to apply EVT (Package ) visa. Both have to apply at the Myanmar Embassies or Consulate Abroad.


    The normal visa can be obtained at the Myanmar Embassies or Consulate in abroad. The visa fee is USD 20. Normally, it takes about one week to get the visa at the Myanmar embassies.
    For those who live in the places and countries where the Myanmar Embassies or Consulates are not located, pre-arranged visa on arrival by a local travel agent or e-visa is possible to apply.
    Recently, government changed the policy for Visa on Arrival System and allowed real time visa on arrival to business travellers from 26 countries starting from 01 June 2012. The new Visa on Arrival will make Tourism and travel to Myanmar easier and last minute bookings, arrivals and travel to Myanmar is now possible.

    1) Types of Visa & Fees

    USD 50 for Business Visa, allow 70 days stay in Myanmar. This type of visa is EXTENABLE.
    USD 40 for Entry Visa, allow 28 days stay in Myanmar.
    USD 20 for Transit Visa, allow 24 hours in Myanmar.
    FOC for Child who under 7 years with own or in parents passport

    2) You must bring & prepare for Yangon International Airport on arrival:

    Must have a valid Return Ticket to & from Myanmar
    Must stay at official licensed hotels, motels and guest houses and needed to mention the name precisely in application form.
    For social visit and business purposes, all applicants needed to mention precise address of relative, office, factory in application form
    2 Passport Picture size 4 cm x 6 cm (not older than 6 months)
    All procedure will follow & issued immigrant authority in Myanmar.

    3) You must show at Yangon International Airport on arrival:

    USD 300 per person in cash for Individual Visitor or Tourist.
    USD 600 in cash for Family

    These are needed to show at the Yangon airport as evidence of sufficient funds, not need to change to FEC. (or) Can be show also in any other major currency equivalent to above mentioned amount.

    - All applicants must agree to follow current visa rules and regulation during their visit in Myanmar.

    - Visitors are not allowed to visit restricted (Remote) areas and needed to notify in advance to all visitors regarding restricted area.

    - All visitors needed to inform concerning township immigration and national registration department for overnight stay by mentioning with precise address of hotel, motel, guest house and office.

    - On arrival visa form is available at all airlines to Myanmar or on line and the applicant can get in advance to apply for on arrival visa

    >> Download the sample Visa On Arrival Approval Letter Form <<

    01. Full Name
    02. Gender
    03. Father's name
    04. Date of birth
    05. Place of birth
    06. Nationality
    07. Race
    08. Religious
    09. Passport Number
    10. Passport issued date
    11. Passport expired date
    12. Place of issue
    13. Occupation
    14. Permanent address 15. Arrival date
    16. Arrival flight
    17. Departure date
    18. Departure flight
    19. Brief Tour itinerary
    20. Hotel staying in Yangon
    21. Purpose of visit


    Effective from 26 April 2012, guests that require visa to enter Myanmar can get their E-Visa in 4 easy steps.

    Step 1 :
    Go to and fill out the secure online application form

    Step 2 :
    Confirm and pay with your credit/debit card

    Step 3 :
    Receive your approval letter (within 5 working days)

    Step 4 :
    Receive your visa upon arrival in Myanmar

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